Understanding Different Ways To Learn How To Play Music

Understanding Different Ways To Learn How To Play Music

Improving At Chess: It Isn't Just About Practice And Constant Play

by Laurie Myers

While getting really good at a lot of things typically involves a lot of practice, that is only half the story with chess. In fact, it may only be about a third of the way true with chess, since you also have to have some natural talent and one other major component. Here is more on the other two components of chess that, in improving, you will improve your game.

Natural Talent

Starting with natural talent is one thing. Taking a little bit of talent and turning it into a lot is something else. However, as the brain progresses and begins to understand and memorize all of the many different moves in chess, you can grow in natural talent. The difference between someone with a talent for chess and someone without is that it becomes very clear to others how quickly your mind is thinking ahead in the game. Those without a talent for chess cannot think more than a move or two ahead, no matter how much they practice or play.

Secret Component

Many adults under the age of fifty find that they are not only good at chess, but also good at poker card games. This is because they are able to predict the possible moves several moves ahead. This is the same component you need to cultivate as you take live chess lessons with a company like CHESS TEACHER. It is the "secret" component to anyone who has ever played chess and played the game well.

You start by watching other chess players play. It is vital that you pay close attention to the moves that these individual players make, especially if these players are going to be your opponents in a tournament. Most chess players develop a few specific attack strategies that they like to use often. They do not stray from these strategies until someone challenges a move in the series of moves that has repeatedly worked for them before. That is why you should familiarize with each individual player's approaches, techniques, and strategies so that you know exactly how to deter, distract, and defeat them all.

Develop Multiple Strategies

Chess players tend to fall into comfortable patterns of play. As you can see from above, that is a bad idea. You have to be ready not just to see the game to the end, but also to alter the way your player moves. If you can do that with every game, your opponents will be confused and make an unwise move. In order to accomplish all of the above, you have to develop multiple strategies for your own game play so that other players do not catch on to what you are doing.


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Understanding Different Ways To Learn How To Play Music

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